GinGer and Philip's Art Store

I create art with my puppy Ginger.

Here on my website you may see and hopefully come to own some of my works.

Rocky St. Clair Goes Rogue  |  $33

Staring Contest Ready Go  |  $46

Large Canvas  |  $95

Large Canvas 2  |  $163

Working out with Will and Phil

Working out with Will and Phil

My buddy Will and I have been making fun instructional workout videos together since the new year. At this time we are working to maximize size and strength. WhootWhoot Bench Day Arm Day! Play with weights to build your bis. Front press and Shoulder pulls. Use those...

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I Am On Steemit! is the world’s fastest growing decentralized social media platform. Steemit connects to a robust blockchain database called Steem. This blockchain database distributes rewards in cryptocurrency to the users who bring the best content (blogs, comments, videos etc.) to the Steemit site.

I post my art on Steemit often, and I accept Bitcoin and Steem for payment of my art.

Contact Me To Purchase Art And Arrange Custom Work

Interested in a piece? I have the originals for sale in addition to prints. I am open to doing custom work of any kind. Need a room painted? Want something personal? Let me know!